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For more than 4 years, we’ve been empowering clients by helping them take control of their financial lives.

Our Mission

We do our best to achieve a consistent increase in investment performance for our clients and superior value-add. We appreciate our client's loyalty and value the relationships we build with each customer. No matter what country you come from, our professional managers will help you to choose the investment product that best fits your demands. Our managers are constantly working on implementing unique trading methods with the most advanced and effective trading technology, competitive services, high-quality .Technology helps our fundamental teams work more efficiently by improving the trading and investment process. Our proprietary systems also aids our deep fundamental and quantitative research by uncovering insights and trends that inform our investment decisions.


Ivar Funds Capital guarantees institutional and individual investors with a wide spectrum of Stock, real estate management and Forex products designed to meet long-term goals since 2019. Our clients currently entrust $48billion worth of Assets (as of May 1st, 2019) designed to deliver superior, risk-adjusted returns.Ivar Funds Capital was built on the standard of intelligence, experience, and conviction that we believe prospects expect from us.


We believe that continual improvement is critical amid constant change. Our emphasis on learning and our entrepreneurial spirit enable us to meet the evolving needs of our clients. We value integrity We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. Trust is at the core of our relationships with clients and with each other. We work hard to earn and sustain that trust. collaboration We expect and value collaboration — it is a hallmark of our culture. A sense of community exists at our firm. Teamwork predominates. We are humanistic We recognise that careers and lives are not linear. Acceptance of this ebb and flow of life is an important part of who we are. We are inclusive Ideas have no hierarchy. Our transparency and open architecture facilitate the exchange of ideas, giving each of us a voice and a responsibility. We value feedback for our own development and are willing to offer it to others.


ivar Funds Capital is a company that gains exclusively from the Crypto market and it has been tested and trusted by people over the world with testimonies of their learning, growth, investments and wealthy life. ivar Funds Capital plays a major role for her Investors in risk reduction and management. By the use of our well trained and experienced professionals. ivar Funds Capital is a good choice for the wealth management of investors in the Crypto market. Our firm takes a professional approach to diversified portfolio management that features discipline, a focus on quality, and conservative risk management. Our creative approach to portfolio management balances superior long-term returns with minimal risk exposure. The depth and experience of our investment team allows us to be proactive in managing client portfolios. Discipline, attentiveness and patience do the rest. All our portfolio managers were trained to analyze public .We believe that superior investment performance is achieved through a skillful balance of three core attributes: knowledge, experience and adaptability. One of our strongest advantages over competitors is that we provide the utmost flexibility and the most important insurance on funds being invested with us.we ensure far more confidence for our investors, secure their deposits to the utmost, and let us put all the efforts upon achieving the maximum business profitability.

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Trading instruments

ivar Funds Capital allows up to 3.3x leverage trading by providing traders with access to latest market innovations, including: MetaTrader 4 and MT5 – The world’s most popular trading platform with direct pricing and instant processing.



ivar Funds Capital offers unwavering performance with our world-class matching engine, supporting up to 1,200,000 orders per second. We ensure fast and reliable crypto payments, even at peak times. Our company is processing payments multiple times a day automatically including weekends and holidays.